Crowdfunding with Carlton Group

The Carlton Group is an international real estate investment bank which specializes in acquiring and managing high-yield principal transactions and providing customized debt and equity capital solutions for large, complicated transactions. Carlton, through its principal transaction entity, Carlton Strategic Ventures, operates a highly successful investment management business which owns and manages over 3 million square feet of real estate assets (inclusive of two recent dispositions).

In business since 1991, Carlton has completed approximately $125 billion of principal and intermediary commercial real estate investing transactions. The firm enjoys strong relationships with many of the world’s top institutional investors including Starwood. Blackstone, Bank of New York, Cindat, HNA Airlines, JPMorgan, Deutsche Bank, Blackrock, Fortress, ADIA and Gulf Finance House just to name a few of the many institutional investors who Carlton has a good relationship with.


With respect to Carlton’s Accredited CrowdFund, investors will benefit from Carlton’s exceptional transaction deal flow and we have created this website to provide instant access to high-quality investments for investors around the world. Furthermore, depending on your tolerance for risk, Carlton presents the full range of real estate equity investments some of which are highly conservative and others which are opportunistic. The minimum investment for accredited high net worth investors is $1 million and investors must confirm their accredited high net worth status through submission of appropriate documentation that they are, in fact, accredited in order to qualify to invest.

The Carlton Crowdfunding team is led by one of the most successful real estate professionals in the United States, Howard L. Michaels who has been chairman of the Carlton Group since 1991. Other investment professionals rounding out the CrowdFunding team include Mr. Steven Weiss, Mr. Navish Chawla (formerly of Blackrock and private equity giant Madison International), Mr. Michael Campbell who is a partner and has been at Carlton for 14 years and previously worked at Prudential Insurance Company and Mr. Kevin Swill who has worked at a number of investment firms and has been involved in billions of dollars of real estate transactions.

Mr. Weiss leads the Carlton Crowdfunding platform and is responsible for its daily operations. Collectively, the Carlton CrowdFunding professionals have over 200 years of experience and have completed many billions of dollars of transactions including all asset types. Specifically, Mr. Swill has acquired, financed and asset managed more than 13,000 apartment units and Mr. Chawla has acquired and asset managed over $2 billion of local real estate transactions while at Madison International.

We invite you to view our website and contact us with any questions which you may have. We also encourage you to view the transaction page of the Carlton Group’s website ( which list many of the latest completed transactions.

Overall Carlton is supported by over 50 investment professionals most of whom have significant real estate and investment banking backgrounds.


Under Mr. Michaels’ leadership, The Carlton Group has been responsible for many notable and highly profitable real estate transactions including:

  • The financing of the $1 Billion High Line luxury condo development acquisition;
  • The $240 Million of equity and debt from five different investors from six different countries to facilitate the acquisition of a highly valuable land site in the Financial District to build a 70-story condominium tower;
  • The $1 Billion equity and debt partnership to build a 42-story Edition hotel, 76,000 sf of retail, and an 18,000 sf LED design in the heart of Times Square;
  • $525 Million Structured Financing to Support Park Lane Hotel Acquisition;
  • The $1.4 billion recapitalization of the General Motors Building, which led to the creation of the number one Apple retail location in the world;
  • The $780 million financing and recapitalization of the then Sears Tower, and now Willis Tower;
  • The $1.1 billion equity and debt capitalization of the Bank of America Building in San Francisco;
  • The €250 million recapitalization of the Four Seasons in Milan, Italy; and
  • Over 40 million square feet of closed major Manhattan office building transactions, including 111 8th Avenue (which is the 2.3 million sf behemoth which is leased to Google), The Starrett-Lehigh Building, 737 Park Avenue, 701 Seventh Avenue Redevelopment, and no less than six major buildings on Madison Avenue.

In sum, the Carlton Group is one of the top real estate intermediaries in the world providing highly sophisticated strategic advice as well as great equity and debt capital solutions for large real estate transactions to prominent real estate owners and financial institutions.

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