Working with Carlton Group

An Established Brand Which You Can Trust

In business, since 1991 The Carlton Group through its principal transactions group Carlton Strategic Ventures, is an international real estate investment bank, which specializes in arranging high quality investments either through its principal transactions group or with qualified joint venture partners.

Carlton Strategic Ventures as indicated herein employs highly successful investment professionals who inclusive of recent dispositions owns and manages over 3 million square feet of real estate assets. As you will notice throughout this website Carlton has participated in many world class real estate transactions and the purpose of this website is to provide investors from around the world an opportunity to invest in large high yield cash flowing commercial real estate assets with some of the largest commercial real estate managers in the world.

Deep and Rich Track Record

In business since 1991, Carlton has completed well over $125 billion of transactions as both an intermediary and as a principal. Furthermore as indicated in the closed transaction section of this website you will see that Carlton has consistently participated in many large, high profile and highly profitable real estate opportunities which are indicative of the type of Crowdfunding equity investment opportunities which we will expose you to.

Top Institutional Investors

Carlton represents and transacts business with many of the top financial institutions and investors from around the world. For instance, Carlton has completed numerous transactions with Winthrop Realty (NYSE Company),Starwood, Blackstone, Deutsche Bank, Fortress, SL Green, (the largest owner of property in Manhattan), and Morgan Stanley to just mention a few of the numerous institutional relationships which Carlton enjoys. These relationships help Carlton to deliver to our partners, clients, and investors the latest financial technology and insight into organizing the best possible capital structures which ultimately provides the most beneficial economic returns.

World-class Project Sponsorship

The Sponsor for each Carlton investment shall either be a Carlton affiliated entity, or another highly experienced and successful real estate investment company. As further detailed herein, we will provide detailed information regarding the Sponsor’s “track record” and will include in the offering for each particular transaction all relevant due diligence information to you by you simply clicking the respective Deal Room tab for the property which you are interested in.

Why invest with Carlton Crowdfunding rather than other Crowdfunding Sponsors?

  • The high quality, multi-billion dollar pipeline which regularly comes to Carlton as a result of property owners and financial institutions who utilize Carlton to access capital for their transactions.
  • We see some of the marketplaces best transactions and we intend to cherry pick the best opportunities to provide Accredited Investors with the ability to club their investment with other investors to participate in great Carlton real estate investment opportunities.
  • We invest our own capital into each Crowdfunding investment and we of course will utilize our highly respected structuring abilities to produce the best possible returns for each investment.

We invite you to review this website and our credentials and encourage you to contact us through our website, via email or by telephone. We appreciate you connecting with us and look forward to developing a long and mutually beneficial and profitable relationship! We must caution that all rest estate investments have a certain amount of risk. We seek to mitigate this risk with our superb institutional quality underwriting capabilities and deep knowledge of the local markets.